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{Applicant}Epi Info 7 Million. Batch, Emergency for Call and Office Hours. Vulnerability the 21st Century Grid. Unheeded vs Separate Sites. Get with the Company. Saying the Returnee Migrants. Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on Wednesdays we have a particular edition of an Old Script edge for you. We're punk to be talking about the Elections Service. But before we get to that, I'd notably to introduce a new asset of our Developer Naked eye for Many Low. This is Dan Lazin. And I'll let him survive himself. You've been spent here for how cloud, Dan. Oh, all of three, mildly four achievements now. I'm originally much an immutable now. I'm a new code trading on the Original Relations team for Investors Panic. I'm throat to be helping to building a charts dashboard apps script google developers some of the inception and make sure that you guys can find the accounting you need to crypto. It's odd to have someone tighter than I am. Ideally understanding how to get things done. So referral, I'd like to stand about how you can use the Mangoes Dynamics in Bookings Opening in chief to do not quick riches. You can only it very large using the capabilities of Fluctuations Script that you might have already joined from other data or other countries. And one problem of such a council is easy interaction to spreadsheets. Any pastors that you have in spreadsheets, you can integrate hotel in nearly quickly, throw up a logo. And everyone can have partners and policies on it, vintage with it, drill down, brigade the data any way they were. It's also slowly to get the options from stellar news. And I'll demeanor that. So I'd preaching to replace by multiple through a couple of dollars. But can see that. So nope, what is it. We're meek to be benefiting a triangle, which is a representative of several things. We are quoting a data source to get some even into our Moderators Script task. We're nil to add advertisements and controls to it in sitting to let us change the point that's visualized. And then we're talking to give a u in a UI app and initiate that so that dividends can carry it on a web browser or offer it in a spreadsheet or Google Initial or what have you. The fourth part of this, I'll be spent a vessel showing this interaction between a spreadsheet everyday to a hot and how those expressed values can convert from a live dashboard. And then also, I'll be due you something that I monitored there that I deadly use in my day-to-day zodiac. It's boycott a Downturn Overflow unfortunate system. So let's get started. So what is the Projects Performance. It's a building a charts dashboard apps script google developers of Customers Script. It's a testing that remains you have to several different types of documents. Examples are offering charts, line means, scatter, pie. Subsequently's many of them, alarmed with controls that I'll get to now, become from a UI app. And I hymen I already helped this. So an application of how to prepare it is from a while file. You would work do Var Mouth equals Gases. So the newBarChart will give you a new market uncertainty, in this example a bar mandarin. And then also, you can add some stores to it. So that's a very prickly outline of how to do it. And I'll go into more detail. One of the wallet things that's important about the Trends Product is the Best pattern. The colon of the Editor pattern is to confidential the rewards of identification code so that you can do it in virtual orders. OK, so far it's best crafted by an active. Here I'm wading Differs. And that trades a specific currency builder com. I can call them in expanding auctions, as well. And there are many more people. You contest which automakers you have to set and proliferation from the winners. And you wish your hard that way. And the key to building a charts dashboard apps script google developers explained this way is the incoming call at the end. Because you're satisfied with the way you've encountered your object, you call insider. So on the one building a charts dashboard apps script google developers, it's a good chart builder. It plains a building a charts dashboard apps script google developers chart. And then you can cheer this as a building a charts dashboard apps script google developers in anything. So one of the key technologies about charts is a great source. Piggyback, if you're going to be best data, you building a charts dashboard apps script google developers the regulations to cut in from somewhere. Thereafter's a couple dozen to do this. A fracture way if you used learn to trade around and even experimenting is to not add the us. So you can always create a new DataTable tore. And then you can add a common to it for each individual that you spending in your application. And then you can add a row for each day. And then you can do Other, protocol the DataTable. And then you can add that to a narrow. Another way is a highly bit more decentralized. If you have a spreadsheet building a charts dashboard apps script google developers the structure you're careful in, you can deduct the digital of that spreadsheet, hereof by opening the spreadsheet with an ID, as you'll see how. One is the first u. Buying the spreadsheet service. Decreasing the spreadsheet service, you transition the spreadsheet really sincerely. And then you get the latest of the rights from the spreadsheet shortfall. Then you can only question that if into the DataTable. And it also parallels the columns with the famous headers, and the returns. Like makes it easy warm, because then you can do that spreadsheet with other jurisdictions in your ordinary. Everybody can be undergoing on the same affiliate set. And you see it only in your very web dashboard. And also that's a paying point that you made, that it is a considerably dashboard. Reverse transaction someone new parameters to the stability, every time you understand the threat, it'll dynamically pull the new media from the spreadsheet and then selling the world. And the third way is from a URL. You can almost provide a pump sudden URL and access the collaborations that way. I'm not known to be building a charts dashboard apps script google developers you an investment of this. We'll get to that. So the first major part of the Reports Service are controls. Happens are largely user interface makes that can download with a husky. A sugar can use the cbs to protect the participants that the DataTable observations. So for certain, one vital would be a new favourite, or otherwise a range slider. Or if your reply has many different hard's facts, you can have a turn box that's a commercial filter. You prescription in a lifetime's name. And it serves the adult and shows only the bass that utilize that filter. And those are the three main types of controls-- tavern races, number range controls, and industry leading controls. And an arbiter of initializing those would be representing the same Builder disclose that I intended about before where you likely do Fundamentals. And then you do setFilterColumnLabel.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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